Cell Phones


Diamonds in the Ruff Canine Rescue is collecting CELL PHONES to raise funds for our rescue efforts and we are asking for your help.

Unlike other fund raising projects, there are no products to buy and distribute. All we are asking is that you donate any unused cell phones that you have at home.

Did You Know:

There are many harmful materials in cell phones such as lead, arsenic, and beryllium. These toxic and persistent materials have a very negative and long lasting impact on our environment. By donating them to us, you will ensure that they are recycled through an EPA certified recycler or disposed of properly.

Please donate any cell phone – working or not. As an environmental service to the public, phones that are broken or not functional will be recycled in accordance to EPA guidelines. Recycled phones are not eligible for payment.

In order to receive payment for a phone, the phone must be fully functional, have an intact housing, and all functions of the phone must work as intended. This includes functional speakers, ringers, and software. All manufactured parts must be intact and functional on the phone. i.e. antennas, buttons, LCD screens. Water damaged phones will be recycled. Phones with small scratches or blemishes will be accepted for payment.

Donate your old cell phone to Diamonds in the Ruff Canine Rescue and we’ll take care of sending them in for payment or recycling. All we need is the cell phone and battery; chargers and other accessories have no value.

There is no cost to participate in this program, so 100% of the proceeds will benefit Diamonds in the Ruff Canine Rescue. We greatly appreciate your support!

Please drop phones off at Cuts-4-Muttz at 2809 Royall Avenue in Goldsboro or call 919-222-0500 to arrange for pickup.