Hale Pet Door

Hale Pet Door™ Pet Rescue Rewards Program

Hale Pet Door™ manufactures high-end pet doors in the U.S.A. and supports rescues too.  If you are considering installing a pet door in your home, check them out at www.halepetdoor.com.  Hale Pet Doors can go through walls, doors, screens, French doors, windows units and sliding glass doors.

Hale Pet Door™ is dedicated to improving the lives of pets around the country and around the world. Hale Pet Door™ is proud to sponsor a pet rescue program to promote adoption of animals.

Customers who have adopted a pet from Diamonds in the Ruff Canine Rescue and purchase a Hale Pet Door™ will receive 10 percent off the cost of the door.

Hale will also send a donation for that same amount to Diamonds in the Ruff as a gift.  It is their way of saying “thank you for opting to adopt and thereby save a life.”